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Name:Archduke Charlemagne Bolivar
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Jaguar Homeworld, (states/regions/territories)
 photo Faux Affably Evil - TV Tropes 2016-04-30 20-51-59_zpstreeri3n.png

Charlemagne Bolivar appears as a regular human except for the three blade-like bone protrusions extending from his forearms. He is in fact a Nietzschean, a genetically engineered human sub-species. He is 5'9 and while not scrawny not particularly buff either, with blond hair and usually extravagantly dressed. He looks to be in his late 30s and always struts around like he owns the place.

Charlemagne is Archduke of the Sabra-Jaguar Pride, which makes him the leader of a millions-strong group of warriors, who happens to command the third-largest fleet in known space. It doesn't keep him too busy to be a smartass, or enjoy the finer things in life. It does do a lot for his already overblown ego, though. He will be happy to remind you of your genetic inferiority.

Bolivar comes from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, a sci-fi show set in the faraway future with space ships, bug people and all these good things. After the Commonwealth was toppled by Nietzschean betrayal 300 years ago (Charlemagne's Jaguars then toppled the Nietzschean Alliance by betraying them) known space has fallen into an era of lawlessness. Think of it as a kind of space dark age, with the brave crew of the space ship Andromeda trying to rebuild the Commonwealth and restore galactic civilisation.

Charlemagne's canon point is "Into the Labyrinth", episode 2.09, when he signs up for the treaty.

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This is an unofficial fan account; Charlemagne Bolivar is the intellectual property of Tribune Entertainment. Icons feature his actor James Marsters. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.
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